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Aurum provides hassle-free window cleaning and maintenance services to thousands of hi-rise properties across North America. Unlike traditional window cleaning companies, Aurum provides a combination of extraordinary convenience and innovation to ensure complete customer satisfaction. When partnering with Aurum, you can expect complete satisfaction with all aspects of our service, from pre-purchase support to scheduling, turn-around speed to communication, as well as the transparency of our process and billing.

Our Core Features

integrity pricing

You deserve billing transparency. By being upfront about our pricing, explaining costs, fees and specific deliverables you can be sure our invoices reflect the specific services delivered.

customer satisfaction

Aurum offers excellent detailed, and highly skilled service with 48-hour customer satisfaction guaranteed. Many aspects of the business have blossomed, but our dedication to excellence has not.

trained & insured

While damage is highly unlikely, if it does occur, you’re completely covered by an insurance policy for $20 Million in liability – unmatched in our industry. Employees are WSIB covered.


We use green products that are kind to the earth and our business processes are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and keep waste products from our landfills.

Real-time reporting

We understand the value of two- way communication. It is possible through our next-generation operating model – reducing the time needed for administration and paperwork.

customer service

We have been delivering outstanding cleaning results that has not only earned us a good reputation, but also a right to work with the government and other valued customers

window cleaning

Our mission at Aurum Property Care is not only to provide the highest quality of service to customers, but to maintain strong aesthetic appeal and professionalism to your grounds by repelling dirt and wind debris for as long as possible.

pressure washing

Power washing is your property's number one weapon against dirt and grime. We’ll clean the surfaces of your commercials exterior walls, sideways, parking garages and more. Choose one or all of our services for a better, cleaner property!

gutter cleaning

Gutters serve an important role in keeping your property’s commercial foundation safe from water damage. Our professional team is well equipped to efficiently and safely remove clogs, install gutter guards and perform regular cleaning.

rope access

Rope Access is a proven method for achieving practical and safe work position. All types of painting, paint spraying, shot blasting, high pressure water blasting, UHP and application of specialized coating systems and fire-protection services.

exterior vent cleaning

Our Other Property Care Services Include: Exterior Vent Cleaning, Window Replacement and more. We will come to your location and deliver a detailed quote. We are flexible with the days and times to best suit your company.

our mission

Our mission at Aurum Property Care is to always exceed our clients expectations with committed, honest, honourable&quality issued cleaning quote estimates. Aurum Property Care is devoted to providing our clients with high level cleanliness and thoroughness to ensure risk and disruption is minimized to your property.

our vision

Aurum Property Care always exceeds clients' expectations with committed, honest, honourable & quality issued cleaning. Aurum Property Care is devoted to providing our clients with a high level of cleanliness and thoroughness to ensure risk and disruption is minimized to your commercial property.

experience the difference

Aurum Window Cleaning is your one-stop shop for all of your property care needs. We offer a full suite of services for commercial properties of all sizes. Instead of having to hire a contractor for each element of property maintenance, you can simply call us, and we will take care of everything.

Great job! We take pride in keeping our condo clean and welcoming. Ever since we hired this company for cleaning, the environment both inside and out has become much more pleasant. I know we'll be using your services in the future.

Amanda P.

Condominium Manager

During the past several years I have had pleasure of working with Aurum. They have always offered the highest quality service. Their staff are professional and polite. They genuinely care about the work they perform.

Ethan V.

Property Manager

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