Discover enriching career avenues in the realm of property maintenance with Aurum. We offer enticing remuneration, potential for travel, advancement opportunities, and a professional yet enjoyable working atmosphere.

Are you seeking employment in a vibrant and dynamic setting that values its team? Do you bring a positive outlook and unwavering work ethic to the table? Are you eager to contribute to the seamless operation of homes and commercial entities?

Aurum Window Cleaning is your destination. We are the comprehensive solution for condominium and commercial property maintenance. We firmly believe that nurturing our team is pivotal to delivering exemplary service to our clients. Our goal is to cultivate a workspace that is innovative, diligent, and harmonious.


We are equally invested in your professional growth and will support you in honing your skills or ascending to managerial roles.

competitive pay

We provide competitive pay complemented by a diverse range of benefits.


Eligible candidates have the opportunity to explore various regions within Canada and the US.

high quality equipment

Employ state-of-the-art equipment and premium products in your daily operations.

training & certification

Benefit from our comprehensive training programs and earn certifications to enrich your profile.

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