Garages are notoriously messy. It just feels like there’s so much stuff in there that it’s impossible to clean anything up! But we’ve scoured the internet, and found some really awesome ideas for organizing anyone’s garage! Try out a couple of these, and your garage will be ship shape in no time. Good luck and have fun!

1. Hang up your garbage bag roll on the wall

This is such a good idea–I’m always misplacing my garbage bags or running out of them, and with this organizational tip I’ll have my garbage bags close at hand all of the time! I think it would be great to have several on the wall for different sizes of bags.

2. Use bungee cords to keep balls organized in your garage

My garage always has a number of balls floating around. With this genius trick, I’ll never lose a ball again. And I can’t believe how easy this is!

3. Place magnetic strips in your garage so that you can easily organize different tools

I think this is a fabulous idea that I must try. This could be useful to use in other places besides your garage as well. I may need to experiment with this project and see what I come up with!

4. Use a peg board to organize a workspace in a garage

This is a lovely way to arrange things, and it’s easy to change it up as well. I also love how this workspace includes planters & foliage. If your garage gets enough sun, plants might be a nice way to spruce things up and calm things down.

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