When To Get Gutter Cleaning, Toronto

While gutter cleaning is most often performed twice a year, many environmental factors determine how often and when you should get Toronto gutter cleaning. The most important include:

  • Surrounding Plant Life: If you have a lot of trees around your property, falling leaves are far more apt to cause clogs. This is not limited to broad leaf varieties of trees either, pine trees, with their numerous needles can clog a gutter just as quickly, if not faster.
  • Extreme Weather: After heavy storms with high winds and an abundance of moisture, it’s typically a good idea to at least check your gutters since there’s a good chance that more debris has been blown in due to the weather.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: Under normal circumstances without extreme weather or issues caused by tree debris, early spring and fall are the best times to have your gutters cleaned. At this time, you can catch clogs before heavy rain and snow hits.

The Aurum Advantage For Gutter Cleaning, Toronto

When you hire Aurum , you get trained and insured professionals who provide safe Toronto gutter cleaning. We help you avoid the hassles of getting up on a ladder yourself or hiring someone who lacks the tools and skills to do the job correctly. Additionally, we carry comprehensive insurance to cover physical injury and property damage.

To learn more about our gutter cleaning or gutter guard installation services, call Aurum at 800-749-0532 and request a FREE quote from our knowledgeable representatives!

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