What Can Toronto Pressure Washing Do?

With the variety of strength and temperature settings, our pressure and power washing services are able to handle a variety of jobs. Our powerful sprayers can remove dirt and old stains in one easy step. This gets your business clean and ready to be advertised.

Driveways and Sidewalks: Not only can pressure washing remove stains from concrete, it can also blast away difficult weeds from cracks. Heat also helps to kill remaining seeds to keep weeds away for longer.

Commercial Exteriors: Brick and vinyl sided commercial business can be blasted to remove dirt or even paint. We can also clean front entrance stairs and walkways leading up to your establishment.

Why Choose Professional Pressure Washing, Toronto

It might be tempting to pressure wash things on your own, not only will it seem cheaper, but it might even sound like fun. However, professional pressure washing is recommended because the force of the water is strong enough to cause serious damage to you and your property. An improperly used pressure setting can leave dents in your business’ surfaces or even break skin or cause eye injuries.

Get Safe, Expert Pressure Washing, Toronto

To avoid the dangers of pressure washing, while reaping the benefits, call on the experts at Aurum . Call 800-749-0532 to receive a free quote on Toronto pressure washing.

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