How Much Will You Save With Professional Toronto Window Caulking?

Professional caulking and insulation around windows can save you from 15 to 20%! With heating and cooling bills in the hundreds each month for large buildings, this can add up to huge yearly savings. In some cases, you may even be able to claim an energy credit on your taxes for caulking, giving you even greater savings.

Other Benefits Of Window Caulking

Along with the cost savings, you’ll also notice these advantages after having window gaps filled:

Easier Temperature Control: Unsealed windows tend to cause hot and cold areas in a building, and with these fixed you’ll notice a more uniform temperature.

Improved Working Conditions: Large office buildings are especially benefited with Toronto window caulking since workers, who are often stuck at a desk for hours on end, will feel the heat and cold acutely.

Water Damage Prevention and Pest Control: If the gaps around your windows are large enough, both moisture and small bugs can find their way into your building. This can cause a variety of problems including mold, condensation and a lot of unwanted, many-legged guests.

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